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 Motorcycle Engine


950 650W
2GF-1 2KW
2GF-2 2KW
2GF-3 2KW
2.8GF-3 2.8KW
4GF-3 4KW
5GF-3 5KW
5GF2-3 5KW

Stealth is a leading Chinese motorcycle manufacturer of generators and motorcycles. Our main products are petrol generator range from 650W to 10KW, diesel generator from 8KVA to 2300KVA, and ATVs, dirt bikes, street bikes, cubs with engine displacements ranging from 50cc-250cc. We have CE and EEC certificate. We export our products to more than 60 countries.

Quality: Stealth
delivers a high quality product. Concept is made into reality by our highly skilled team 
of engineers and technicians with the assistance of cutting-edge computer technology. But we do not stop there. Stealth s team of engineers, technicians and sales representatives work together with our customers to further improve our products. 

After-sales-service:Stealth recognizes that after-sales-service is very important and we are constantly looking at how we can best serve our customers. Innovation and development are core concepts in our organization. The driving force behind our innovative ideas is to satisfy our customers needs. Look for our innovative ideas in the very near future!

Customer Service: Our experienced sales staff is able to facilitate your order as quickly and expeditiously as possible. Each representative works closely with their client to make sure all needs are satisfied. 

Quality, design and function are key concepts in the development of our motorcycles. These three concepts are combined to develop our unique products today and in the future.
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