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 Motorcycle Engine



139F                                      SPECIFICATION


Engine type:                          4-stroke single-cylinder with Air-cooled

Bore×Stroke(mm):                      39×26

Displacement:                         31ml

Compression Ratio                   8.0:1

Max Power Output                    1.1KW/7000rpm

Recommded Power Using               0.7KW/7000rpm

Maxtorque                           1.45N.m/4500rpm

Ignition System                     Tranafstorilzed magneto

Start Mode                          Recoil and hand-operated

Air Clean                           Semi-dry type

Fuel Tank capacity(l);                0.65

Fuel consumption(g/KW.h):             450

Engine oil capacity(l):               0.1

overall dimension(mm):                212×250×252

dimensions of packing box(mm) :       290×260×300

N.W(Kg):                              4

T.W(Kg):                              6

20''container(set):                   1260

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